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  • TRACK your pain across 19 unique health metrics
  • ANALYZE your data with more than 100 charts & graphs
  • COMMUNICATE more effectively with your doctors

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CPT offers the most complete pain tracking solution available. You can track data across 19 different health categories.

Using our modular approach to building Diary Entries, you only have to input the information you need for that entry. And we offer a variety of methods of automating the entry creation process to make it even easier and faster for you.


Don’t just look at a collection of Diary Entries. CPT uncovers the trends and nuances of your chronic pain condition through a process of data aggregation and analysis. Each Tracker object in CPT includes a variety of analytical graphs that are generated for each Summary Report.

You can look at the details of your pain history and how that pain is effected by different pain triggers, your sleep patterns, or even the weather. Look at your medications and see which may be having the most impact on your pain levels. And much more.


Sharing your Diary Entries and the insights generated through the CPT Summary Reports is easily shared with your caregivers.

Whether you review reports interactively on your iPad, print directly from the CPT app, or e-mail the PDF reports to your doctor ahead of time, you’re going to find it simple to communicate the details of your situation.

Chronic Pain Tracker includes 19 Health Tracking Modules

Chronic Pain is a highly complex disease that can have different characteristics for each person that struggles with it. In order to accurately diagnose and effectively treat chronic pain, doctors need as much objective information about your condition as possible. Traditional pain tracking forms that document a simple pain intensity level simply don’t give your doctor the necessary details.

That’s why we created Chronic Pain Tracker. With 19 different health and environmental modules, Chronic Pain Tracker is a complete health monitoring solution. It gives you the tools you need to capture, aggregate, and analyze this wide array of information into a format that your doctor can use to best evaluate your health condition.

And we’re not done yet. We continue to listen to our users and will offer more tracking modules over time to continue expanding the coverage of our app.

Version Comparision

PRO vs LITE Feature Comparison
descriptionFull Featured Pain Diary & Reporting Solution. Includes all of our great features with no restrictions or additional components to purchase.You get all of our great Pain Diary & Reporting Solutions in a “try before you buy” format. When you decide to continue, just add-on the features/expansions you need.
tracking modulesAll 19 of our Tracking ModulesAll 19 of our Tracking Modules
reporting options* Single Diary Entry Report
* Diary History Report
* Summary Report
* Calendar Report
* Comparison Report
* Single Diary Entry Report
* Diary History Report
* Summary Report
* Calendar Report (optional)
* Comparison Report (optional)
diary entry capacityUnlimited Diary EntriesLimited to 20 Diary Entries
Expandable via In-App Purchase to allow Unlimited Diary Entries
multi-diary supportIncludedOptional
supported devicesUniversal App for iPad & iPhone/iPod
*requires iOS 6.0 or later
Universal App for iPad & iPhone/iPod
*requires iOS 6.0 or later

Recent feedback from our users…

I use Chronic Pain Tracker every day to track my chronic daily migraines. This app with its fantastic reports helped me identify even complex migraine triggers. 

RVR57App Store Reviewer

A Vital Tool – As a chronic sufferer of neurological pain, I find this tool invaluable… It gives a wealth of information for physiotherapist , chiropractor , consultant etc. highly recommended.

IncartekApp Store Reviewer

Awesome App, Consistently And Frequent Updates – I don’t typically write praise reviews, only complaints, but this App is so good, that I had to let every one know… This app is is already super good, but somehow you guys keep making it better with every update.

airzeroApp Store Reviewer

Best Pain Tracker Available! – Time management is critical during doctors appointments and this app allows me to focus on other issues during those appointments. My doctor loves the organized and detailed information and helps me eliminate some of the stress from dealing with CRPS.

rickmcbrideApp Store Reviewer

Fantastic App – Great app for recording symptoms and monitoring the effects of treatment. Also a useful record to have as further evidence of your condition if you are fighting worksafe or a legal battle related to your condition.

DKAnnoyedApp Store Reviewer

Worth weight in gold – This has been best thing I have ever downloaded. As a fibromyalgia sufferer and some other Heath issues also this has been invaluable. Because u cant see fibro ppl don’t often believe you are I’ll and with brain fog and months between appointments, this has meant have a constant record, have noticed patterns myself and adjusted my days accordingly… Would never b without this now.

Pippad145App Store Reviewer

Excellent App – I have severe chronic pain in my head, neck and back and have been using this app for a long time. Great features and it keeps improving. This is THE app for anyone who has chronic pain and needs to keep track of how they are feeling. Buy this app, you will not be disappointed.

JeepsterV6App Store Reviewer

Best pain tracker so far – I suffer with fibromyalgia for many years. When I was at the doctors for the first time to reconfirm that I have it he wanted me to keep track of my pain. I tried many trackers but CPT is the best still out on the market. The updates are great. It would be great also to include to add pictures as well as a food tracker or equivalent. Do not hesitate to pay for this tracker because you will not find one any better.

KrcomniaApp Store Reviewer

THE MOST Detailed Pain Tracking App!! – Today’s medical world is NOT an episode of “HOUSE” where you have a group of doctors discussing and actively working on your case… This application provides the most detailed reports of any app that I researched and will now become the ONE constant I have to keep my Doctors on the same sheet of music in providing an orchestrated treatment for me, the patient.

Kevin KnappApp Store Reviewer

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