New CPT Update (v3.0.1) has been posted to App Store

CPT v3.0.1 has just been posted to the App Store. This version is a minor update to the latest v3.0 release and we recommend that all customers using v3.0 apply this upgrade. This update is applicable to both the Lite and Full versions of Chronic Pain Tracker.

The update addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed: Problem with foreign language encoding in HTML report files
    • Non-English characters will now display properly in HTML reports
  • Fixed: Intermittent crash when viewing graphs in Summary Report
  • Fixed: various bug fixes
  • Added: Improved image cache settings for older iOS devices
  • Added: Modal editor for General Comments Tracker to improve comment input process
    • When entering comments within a Diary Entry, you will now have a larger text input area with adjustable font size options.

We expect this update to address a number of the stability bugs seen in the v3.0 release. If you are still experiencing repeatable crashes after installing this update, please contact us via email at: [email protected]

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