Chronic Pain Tracker 3.0 is here!

Hello All

It is my pleasure to announce that Chronic Pain Tracker 3.0 has been released in the AppStore for immediate download. Since the beginning in 2009,  Chronic Pain Tracker has evolved quite a bit. This version is a big step ahead and solidifies Chronic Pain Tracker as the most capable pain tracking tool available on any mobile platform.

With this release, we’re not just bringing more great features and reporting tools. This version also contains a new platform architecture that will allow our users to choose from a wider array of statistical Trackers and to build the content of their Diary Entries in a sort of building block fashion.

For Existing Users:

For existing users of Chronic Pain Tracker 2.5.7 and below, you can download the updated app from the App Store. You will need to be running at least iOS 4.2 in order to upgrade. We have included a migration tool within the application that lets you import all of your earlier data into the new 3.0 structure.

You can also view one of the brief videos we put together for you which describes the upgrade process and how to migrate your data into the new version.

For New Users:

Welcome to Chronic Pain Tracker 3.0. We’re sorry to hear that you need such a product, but we hope using CPT will enable you and your doctor to make better informed decisions about your healthcare. You will need an iOS device running iOS 4.2 or greater (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)

CPT Connection

For the 3.0 release, we put together this new website dedicated to Chronic Pain Tracker and our users. We call it the CPT Connection and within it, you can find all sorts of great info including:

We’ll also be using the CPT Connection to keep you informed of changes and updates in the product. Plus, if you have ideas or want to see something new, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.
So get out there and start working with CPT 3.0!


Chronic Stimulation, LLC