Update v3.0.2 has been released

Please check out the new update (v3.0.2) we’ve just released on the App Store. This update addresses several bugs and crashes that have been seen since the release of the new v3.0 format.

Most of the changes are behind the scenes improvements, so on the surface you probably won’t see too many changes. We did however, include a new Landscape HTML Report Viewer which lets you use the full screen to review reports. This should make it easier to do things like review the report with your doctor without even needing to make a hard copy of the report. Give it a try.

We do appreciate everyone’s patience in dealing with these issues. I think you’ll find the v3.0.2 version a big improvement. That said, we are still working to improve the performance and stability of the app, so if you’re seeing additional bugs or crashing, please contact us directly with info: [email protected]


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    • ChronicStim says:

      The images are embedded within the HTML reports (which allows them to be viewed regardless of having an internet connection or not), but this does create issues for Microsoft Internet Explorer in our testing. Is this the browser you are using? If so, you might want to try a different one based on the following table.

      The reports will open fine in the following browsers:

      * On the PC:
      o Apple Safari – works great
      o Mozilla Firefox – works great
      o Google Chrome – works great (when printing, set the browser zoom level to 83% for ideal page margins)
      o Microsoft Internet Explorer – Not recommended
      * On the Mac:
      o Apple Safari – works great
      o Mozilla Firefox – works great
      o Google Chrome – works great

      Let us know if you are using one of the recommend browsers, but still having issues viewing the report images.

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