Update v3.0.4 has been released

…and is now available for download from the App Store.

A key addition to this version is the enhanced Medication Tracker graphs in the Summary Report. We now include a Pain Reduction analysis that looks at pain levels following the taking of a medication and seeing whether pain goes up or down because of it. We have a big write up about this here if you want more information.

This update includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Here’s the release notes list of items:

ADDED – Add graph to Medication report that describes impact on pain levels over time
ADDED – Swapping to an improved crash reporting system
FIXED – Report Output folder is common across multiple Diaries
FIXED – App crash when manipulating the list of diary entries by either adding, removing or updating an entry
FIXED – Older devices being impacted by prefetch during report generation process
FIXED – Bar graphs showing description frequencies should have a floating x-axis length rather than fixed at 100%
FIXED – The icon for “Do not include in report” looks too much like the default “Do include in report”

Understanding all those report graphs

Have you wondered about some of those graphs that appear on the Summary Report? Couldn’t quite interpret where or how the data you’re seeing was generated? If so, then we’ve got a great new page for you.

Check out this Report Graphs: In-depth discussion that will take you through each of the many graphs appearing in the Summary & Analysis Report format.


Summary Report: Medication Details

Summary Report: Medication Details

Even if you have a pretty good handle on the many graphs CPT offers, we do suggest you take a look at the section talking about the Medication Tracker graphs. We’ve added a new graph in v3.0.4 which is about to be released which does a Pain Reduction assessment to test the effectiveness of your medications in reducing pain levels.

This type of a Medication Graph has been requested by many users and now you’ve got it. Please take a moment and read this information to learn how to understand it so that you can share the info with your doctor.

Update v3.0.3 has been released

CPT v3.0.3 has just been posted in the App Store. This version only addresses a couple of bugs, so if you are not affected by these, then you can choose to wait for the next upgrade before updating.

Those running CPT on iPod Touch devices, particularly if running iOS 4.2.1, are urged to apply the upgrade as this version addresses a problem some of those users were seeing with the Pain Location Mapping Tracker tool. Also, if you utilize the CSV export functionality, we have a minor fix for you as well.

Check it out. It should be available in the App Store now.

A Reminder about Diary Entry Reminders

Diary Entry Reminders

Diary Entry Reminders

For those of you that haven’t started exploring the Settings tab in CPT 3.0, you might not have noticed that we’ve added a reminder mechanism to help you collect timely pain information. This tool enables you to set one or more daily reminders which will notify you when its time to fill out a Diary Entry. In fact, the reminder will even create the Diary Entry object and present it to you with a single click on the notification alert.

We’ve put together a short video tutorial on the Diary Entry Reminders. Have a look and soon you’ll be creating your pain entries on a more consistent basis.