Chronic Pain Tracker v3.0.5 is now available

Today we are releasing v3.0.5 of Chronic Pain Tracker. We encourage all current users to upgrade to this version.

This update includes a couple new features plus several bug fixes, including:

3.0.5 Release Notes

  • ADDED – New Pain Location Map template for migraine headache pain tracking
  • ADDED – General Comment preference flag to either show or not show comments marked as private in Diary History and Summary Reports
  • FIXED – When using the Open/Close buttons during the display of a Summary Report on slower devices, the app can appear to hang. It will now show a progress indicator while the app processes the request.
  • FIXED – Intermittent bug where database would not load properly on startup following the upgrade to 3.0.4
  • FIXED – Intermittent bug where App crashes when selecting a report type in the report selection window
  • FIXED – Bug where Database error is generated when trying to define a new Tracker Collection template item
  • FIXED – Diary Entry cell date/time values could sometimes appear out-of-order in the History view when scrolling through history
  • FIXED – Diary History report is not honoring the General Comment privacy flag

For anyone suffering with Migraine related pain, we’ve added a new template in the Pain Location Mapper that provides an enlarged area of the head and neck so that you can more easily document the location of your migraine pain. The template works the same way as the other male/female templates already existing in the app.

We have also cleaned up a feature originally included in the 3.0 release which is a private comment option. We’ll have more on this feature in an upcoming Post here.

As for the bug fixes, this release should take care of any known issues we’ve seen from our users. if you are having any additional problems with your copy of Chronic Pain Tracker, please let us know. Our goal is happy customers, so if things aren’t working for you, let us know.

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