Copy Last button in Tracker header

Consistent pain? Make entries simpler with “Copy Last”

Copy Last button in Tracker headerFor many of us, the locations and descriptions of our pain may not change too much from hour to hour or even day-to-day. In those cases, you can make the process of creating a Diary Entry more efficient by using the “Copy Last” functionality we’ve built into Chronic Pain Tracker. Let’s take a look at how it works…

One of the easiest ways of using this functionality is to use the Copy button that is included in the header section of each Tracker item. When you tap the button, CPT searches for the last entry using this Tracker and copies that data forward into your current entry. It can be a nice time saver during the entry process.

You’ll find that same Copy Last button in the header of every Tracker item, so whether it is Pain Descriptions (as shown in the image) or Pain Treatments, or Pain Locations, etc you’ll have the ability to copy your last entry’s data forward into the current entry.

Settings - Diary Preferences - Pain DescriptionIf you find that you are consistently using the Copy Last button, you can set that Tracker to automatically apply the Copy Last function whenever you use that Tracker. Basically, you’ll get a Tracker item with data already loaded rather than an empty Tracker whenever you use it in a Diary Entry.

To set this up, you need to go to the Settings tab and into the Diary Preferences section. Now select the Tracker you wish to adjust and look for the”Default from last entry” switch. Set it to ON and you’re all set. Next time you use this Tracker, it will automatically copy the info from your last entry.

I hope this tip helps those of you with consistent pain patterns to be more efficient in your use of Chronic Pain Tracker.

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