Join the CPT Beta Program Now!

We have been working on a nice upgrade to Chronic Pain Tracker which will be labeled as v3.1. This release has a great combination of enhanced stability and performance PLUS some exciting new features including:

  • 5 NEW Trackers
    • Pain Onset – Rate the onset speed of your pain using a customizable 1-5 scale
    • Pain Duration – Rate the duration of your pain using a customizable 1-5 scale
    • Other Symptoms – Identify non-pain symptoms you may be experiencing in conjunction with your pain
    • Milestones – Identify key points in your medical or pain treatment history (eg. surgeries, medication changes, injuries, etc). Milestones can be plotted on all date-based graphs within the Summary Reports.
    • Bowel Movements – An unfortunate side-effect of most pain meds is constipation, so tracking bowel movements can be a helpful addition. This tracker let’s you track frequency, quantity and type (based on Bristol Stool Scale).
  • NEW Pain Painter Template for migraine sufferers features a zoomed in view of the head and upper torso.
  • NEW PDF Reports
    • Beautiful, fully paginated PDF based output for both Diary Entry and Summary Reports
    • PDF Reports can be printed, emailed, and sync’d via Dropbox just like the previous HTML based reports (which are still available)
  • NEW Application Access Security
    • Protect your sensitive health data with this Touch based security feature. When enabled, a unique pattern must be drawn on the screen before access to the application is allowed.
  • ADDED – More helpful hints for new users throughout the application to help getting up to speed on the application.
  • IMPROVED – Overall app resource usage and stability has been enhanced

Beta participants must be currently using the FULL version of Chronic Pain Tracker on any i-Device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad) running iOS 5.0 or greater.

If you are interested, please follow this signup link to register for the beta program. We definitely want your feedback so we can get this version successfully launched in the next few weeks. Thanks!

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