CPT v3.1.1 is Now Available in the App Store

Our latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker was released to the App Store on June 27. This update focuses on addressing a few minor bugs. We advise all users to update to this version when convenient for them to do so.

We also wanted to mention that we really enjoy getting your feedback about the latest improvements to CPT, so thanks to all of you that have reached out following the release of the v3.1 version. If you are enjoying the new Tracker modules and improved performance of the app, please let us know. Also let the world know by posting an iTunes review of Chronic Pain Tracker. It’s all those great 5 star reviews that keep us developing more new features for you.

v3.1.1 Release Notes

✔ ADDED – Additional report file information (time since created & file size) to the Report Output Cache table

✔ FIXED – Intermittent database warning that could appear when adding or removing Trackers to a previously saved Diary Entry. This was seen as an error message popping up sometimes after saving an entry. This is resolved.

✔ FIXED – Support Request email now correctly differentiates between Lite and Full versions

✔ FIXED – Problem with certain views not reappearing properly after app is sent to background and then brought back to foreground. All views now properly display when returning to foreground.

✔ FIXED – Error during report generation caused by improper characters in Diary Name. We now check and filter those characters out when generating an exported filename that includes a diary name identifier.