CPT v3.1 is now available in the App Store

Attention Chronic Pain Tracker users: We’ve just posted a great new version of CPT in the App Store and we advise all current users to go ahead and update to this version. This release is applicable to both the Lite and Full versions of Chronic Pain Tracker. Both versions include the features described below.

CPT v3.1 requires iOS 5.0 or above.

Release Notes

So, what’s new in this version? Quite a bit actually. Here’s the release notes for the version…

    • ADDED – Pain Onset Speed Tracker – customizable range of descriptions to describe the onset speed.
    • ADDED – Pain Duration Tracker – customizable range of descriptions to describe the duration of the pain.
    • ADDED – Other Symptoms Tracker – customizable list of non-pain-related symptoms that you might be experiencing.
    • ADDED – Milestone Tracker – mark key dates (eg. surgeries, medication changes, etc) that will be displayed on all date based graphs to help identify those key dates and how they relate to your pain.
    • ADDED – Bowel Movement Tracker – Track type & quantity of bowel movements based on the Bristol Stool scale.
    • ADDED – New Pain Painter template for migraine sufferers
“Head & Torso” Model for Migraine Users
IMG 0619


    • ADDED – PDF based reports. Now create beautiful paginated PDF reports that can be printed, exported or viewed right on your device. (Note: the HTML based reports are also still available in the app)
Diary History Report (PDF)
DiaryEntry Last14Day 0x
Summary Report (PDF)
Summary Last60Day 0x PG1


    • ADDED – App Access Security. Using an easy to use “visual password” mechanism, you can prevent unauthorized access to the application and your health data.
Pattern Lock Security


  • ADDED – Diary Entry import/export options. Allows you to define a date range to collect and export a range of Diary Entry data to an external file format. This external file format can also be imported back into a Diary. Useful for moving records between Diaries or for long term archiving of older data you may not want to track directly within the app.
  • ADDED – New default setting for reports to automatically “Refresh” whenever they are loaded. This seems like it will be a better default workflow for most users. We have made this setting switchable though for those that want to continue manually refreshing report data.
  • ADDED – For newer users, more help tips throughout the app and easier to understand button names in certain locations.
  • FIXED – Many, many improvements to the app’s underlying architecture for improved stability and performance.

Installing the new version

To install the new version, you just download it from the AppStore as you would any other update. The first time you run the new version, it will need to adapt your diary database structure and will require a couple of data updates. These are processes only require you to tap a single button, so it should be a simple process. Once that’s done, your app will start up as usual.

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