Chronic Pain Tracker v3.2 now available

The latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker has just been released on the App Store.

It’s been several months since our last release. That’s not because we haven’t been working. The 3.2 release includes a number of “under the hood” improvements designed to make your experience with CPT even better. Plus we’ve added some new features like integrated Weather Tracking.

Let’s have a look at what’s new:

  • Support for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5
    • CPT now supports the full screen size on the new iPhone 5
    • CPT has been tested and approved for the latest Apple iOS 6

  • Weather Tracker
    • New Weather Tracker let’s you easily document current weather conditions within your Diary Entries.
    • Support for retrieving current weather conditions worldwide
    • Analysis of weather data and comparison with your pain level information allows the generation of graphs showing:
      • Temperature vs. Time
      • Humidity Level vs Time
      • Pressure Level vs Time
      • Pain Levels vs Weather Condition
      • Pain Levels vs Humidity Levels
      • Pain Levels vs Pressure Trends
    • Check out more info here
  • Diary Entry Import/Export
    • Diary Entry data can be exported and saved to a zip file which can then be stored as a data backup or used to move diary information from one Diary to another.
  • Usability Improvements
    • Diary History scroll speed has been significantly improved.
    • Automated Tracker “Copy Last Entry” functionality now happens in the background
    • Pain Location Tracker “Path Simplification” process now happens in the background and is faster than previous versions

  • Pain Painter Improvements
    • We’ve simplified the navigational workflow within the Pain Painter by adding gesture support for zooming and panning without having to switch between Painting Mode and Nav Mode. Now just pinch to zoom in or out of the image and use a two finger pan to move the image around. A single finger still acts as your paint brush as you document your pain areas on the image.
    • Reorganized interface for the iPhone 5 now provides 38% more painting area
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