Chronic Pain Tracker v3.2.2 Now Available on App Store

We have just posted a new minor update version of Chronic Pain Tracker (v3.2.2) to the App Store. This version corrects a couple of issues including:

✔  FIXED – Diary History Report Entry Order – this bug would sometimes cause an error in chronological sorting of diary entries within the report, particularly if entries were created non-sequentially or following an import of entries. That issue has been corrected and the report is ordering all entries from newest to oldest when generated.

✔  FIXED – Pain Map Compositing for Summary Reports – an issue was found where the compositing process was not properly handling paint strokes that had been previously erased. This could result in the composite showing paint in places it shouldn’t have been. This issue is now fully resolved.

✔  FIXED – PDF Diary History Report Intermittent Crash – We noticed a few crash reports related to downloaded Weather Tracker data that was causing a problem during the PDF generation of a Diary History report. We’ve added more code to cleanse the weather data before generation so this issue should be resolved as well.

Finally, while we were working on the Pain Map compositing issue above, we decided to do some fine tuning of the compositing process to improve the display of the final pain map data in the Summary Report. This change will not subtly blend areas of minimal or infrequent pain with the background body image so the final composite image is improved. It’s not a major change, but we know many of you really rely on this feature so we want it to be the best we can make it.

As we said, this version is available in the App Store now. Please update your device at your convenience. As always, if you have any comments, questions, or issues to report, please contact us. You can do so right from the app by going to the Settings tab and then tapping on “Send E-mail to Support Team”. We’d love to hear from you.

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