Speed up Diary Entry creation with “Copy Last”

For many pain sufferers, pain descriptions, locations, etc may not vary too much from hour to hour or even day to day. In these situations it can be tedious to create the same Diary Entry time and time again. That’s where the “Copy Last” feature comes into play. It can make the process of creating your Diary Entry much more streamlined. Let’s have a look at how it works.


As an example, let’s say that you Pain Description terminology and your Pain Location Map would often be the same from entry to entry. Rather than selecting the same 4 or 5 pain descriptions from the table each time, or painting the same Pain Location Map each time, you can use the Copy Last button in the Tracker title bar (shown to the right) to copy the data from your previous entry into the current entry.

In some cases, this may be all you need to do and you can move on to the next item in the entry. But, you always have the option of modifying what was copied into the new entry so even if your pain has changed a bit from your previous entry, using the Copy Last button can still have benefits. As an example, consider the Pain Location Mapping Tracker. For complex pain patterns it can take some effort to get the pain map just right. Using the Copy Last button allows you to bring your previous entry’s map forward so that you can simply fine tune for your current pain profile rather than starting from scratch again.

As you can see in the image, the Copy Last button is present in the title bar for each Tracker, so this functionality exists for all the Diary Entry tools. You can choose to use this button during the Diary Entry creation process, or if you find that you are constantly using the button for a particular Tracker, you may want to set the Copy Last option as the default behavior for a particular Tracker. Again let’s use the Pain Description Tracker as our example.


Going to the Settings tab and selecting Diary Preferences, then tapping Pain Description will bring you to the default settings for this Tracker. Here you can see the first option is for “Default from Last Entry”. Setting this option to ON will automatically trigger the Copy Last process whenever you add that Tracker to a new Diary Entry.

After making the change in the Settings tab, try creating a new Diary Entry and add the Pain Description Tracker to the entry. You’ll notice that the table will immediate display the selections from your previous entry. The table still remains fully editable, so if your pain has changed slightly, you still have the ability to make modifications before saving the entry.

I hope this information is helpful to those of you that have some degree of consistency in your daily pain profiles. If you have questions or suggestions about how we can make the Diary Entry process even more efficient, please contact us via one of our support request options and let us know.

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