Chronic Pain Tracker v3.4.1 Now Available


Many thanks to those of you that have reached out to us since the release of v3.4 earlier this week. The new Trackers have gotten some really good feedback. We’re excited to see what our users are able to do with these new features. And we’re already thinking about the next batch of feature improvements.

That said, the v3.4 release was not ideal. Over the last few days we’ve seen a significant uptick in crashes from that version. Somehow we either didn’t catch a few nasty bugs during our beta testing cycles and/or we introduced them during our final build of the release version. Either way, it caused problems for a number of our users, and for that we are very sorry and embarrassed that the issues slipped past.

Over the last day and a half we focused on resolving the most severe bugs and rolling out a minor update which is v3.4.1. We’ve been working with this version all day today and it is much more stable than the v3.4 version and should resolve the issues we’re seeing in the field right now.

We also worked with Apple to expedite the review process for this update, so that we could cut their normal 7-day review cycle down to a few hours so that we could get this version out to our users ASAP. They understood the importance this app has to your chronic pain management and we’re very pleased that they were willing to work with us on this release.

So, I definitely urge all of our users to move to the v3.4.1 version. And, if you see any remaining bugs or stability issues, please continue to let us know about them. We’ll continue to resolve them as quickly as we can so we can continue to make Chronic Pain Tracker the only pain tracking tool you’ll ever want to use.

Here’s the notes for both of the recent releases:

3.4.1 RELEASE NOTES – Released Aug 16, 2013

  • ADDED – Preference setting on the Sleep Tracker that allows user to determine the selectable range of sleep interruptions per night. User can now select between 10, 50, 100, & 200 as the possible limits. This was added for FitBit users that are electronically tracking interruptions and want to include that data in CPT entries.
  • FIXED – Bug causing app crash during Diary Entry process. This bug was occurring mainly (but not limited to) situations where Tracker Collections and/or Copy Last operations were being used during the Diary Entry process.
  • FIXED – Crash if Report listings were accessed before any Diaries had been created.
  • FIXED – Crash if Filter item was selected after Diary creation if no Diary Entries had yet been created
  • FIXED – Bug where comment editor was not accepting input from the keyboard. This was an intermittent problem that should now be resolved.
  • FIXED – Bug where the horizontal pickers in the Body Weight and Blood Pressure trackers were rounding up as opposed to rounding up or down depending on position of indicator between two values.
  • FIXED – Intermittent crash during report generation/viewing. Wasn’t happening very often, but we think we’ve resolved it.


3.4.0 RELEASE NOTES – Released Aug 13, 2013

  • ADDED – 5 New Tracker Objects for your Diary Entries
    • Activity Level – track your recent activity levels and see how activity effects your pain levels
    • Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate – keep track of these important health metrics, plus see how/if changes in these levels impact your pain
    • Body Weight & Height – also includes Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation based on your inputs
    • Mental State – track your mental disposition, stress levels, and mood stability and see how these levels are impacted by your pain levels
    • Sleep History – track overnight and nap sleep amounts, sleep quality and sleep interruptions
  • ADDED – Ability to define a Tracker Collection as the default Diary Entry template. New Diary Entries will open with the collection’s items preloaded and ready to go.
  • ADDED – Cloud based Device-to-Device synchronization services via Dropbox
  • ADDED – Synchronization of application settings and preferences between devices via iCloud
  • ADDED – Ability to produce full page PDF output of individual Summary Report graphs (iPad only)
  • ADDED – Sound effects tied to app controls that make navigation more intuitive
  • ADDED – More diagnostic information to support request e-mail template to help us respond more quickly and accurately to your inquires
  • IMPROVED – Graphical Interface buttons and images improve app usability
  • IMPROVED – Scrolling speed of main Diary Entry History table
  • IMPROVED – Setting the slider on a Pain Location Map graph in Summary Report will be maintained when producing PDF report. Allows you to generate external reports that show an alternative body overlay image with these graphs.
  • IMPROVED – Storage of Pain Location Map drawing data to reduce database size and improve performance
  • IMPROVED – Overall App memory footprint has been reduced to improve performance and stability
  • FIXED – Pattern Lock screen on iPad display and performance has been improved and now functions as intended
  • FIXED – Pain Map drawing tools now remember last selected body type and brush width between uses
  • FIXED – Lots of additional bug fixes and minor tweaks
  • FIXED – When deleting entries from History table view, the cell sizes no longer expand when switching between regular and edit modes


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