Chronic Pain Tracker v3.4 is Now Available

Five new Trackers for CPT

Five new Trackers for CPT

Available Now – Chronic Pain Tracker v3.4

We’re happy to announce the availability of our latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker: v3.4. This version some great new features, an enhanced UI, and bug fixes and stability improvements. We definitely encourage existing CPT users to download this latest version today.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be posting more information about key features in this version including:

  • Getting the most out of our 5 new Trackers
  • Improvements in the Tracker Collection & Diary Entry Automation workflows
  • Data Synchronization between devices
  • and more!

So stay tuned and go download that update!

NOTE: As always, we suggest making a backup of your CPT database prior to loading the update from the App Store “just in case”. Besides, you regularly make backups of your database anyway for safe keeping, right? Well if not, try out our integrated Backup/Restore feature that safely stores a copy of your database in a linked Dropbox folder. It’s been available since our earlier v3.x update, so there’s no excuse for not using it.

Release Note Details

ADDED – 5 New Tracker Objects for your Diary Entries

* ACTIVITY LEVEL – track your recent activity levels and see how activity effects your pain levels
* BLOOD PRESSURE & PULSE RATE – keep track of these important health metrics, plus see how/if changes in these levels impact your pain
* BODY WEIGHT, HEIGHT & BMI – also includes Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation based on your inputs
* MENTAL STATE – track your mental disposition, stress levels, and mood stability and see how these levels are impacted by your pain levels
* SLEEP HISTORY – track overnight and nap sleep amounts, sleep quality and sleep interruptions

ADDED – Ability to define a Tracker Collection as the default Diary Entry template. New Diary Entries will open with the collection’s items preloaded and ready to go.
ADDED – Cloud based Device-to-Device synchronization services via Dropbox
ADDED – Synchronization of application settings and preferences between devices via iCloud
ADDED – Ability to produce full-page PDF output of individual Summary Report graphs (iPad only)
ADDED – Sound effects tied to app controls that make navigation more intuitive
ADDED – More diagnostic information to support request e-mail template to help us respond more quickly and accurately to your inquires
IMPROVED – Graphical Interface buttons and images improve app usability
IMPROVED – Scrolling speed of main Diary Entry History table
IMPROVED – Setting the slider on a Pain Location Map graph in Summary Report will be maintained when producing PDF report. Allows you to generate external reports that show an alternative body overlay image with these graphs.
IMPROVED – Storage of Pain Location Map drawing data to reduce database size and improve performance
IMPROVED – Overall App memory footprint has been reduced to improve performance and stability
FIXED – Pattern Lock screen on iPad display and performance has been improved and now functions as intended
FIXED – Pain Map drawing tools now remember last selected body type and brush width between uses
FIXED – Lots of additional bug fixes and minor tweaks
FIXED – When deleting entries from History table view, the cell sizes no longer expand when switching between regular and edit modes




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