Customize Your Diary Entry Workflow

Simplifying with Tracker Collections

Scrn TrackerCollectionBuilder04

If you haven’t tried defining and using a Tracker Collection, you’re missing
out on what may be a great time saver for your Diary Entry process. The
following items will give some examples of how to use Tracker Collections.

Normally when creating a new Diary Entry, you select the Tracker
items you want to include. That’s great for giving you the flexibility to
choose only those items that you need, but what if you always want to use the
same items in your Diary Entry? Then that extra flexibility can slow you down. But
with Tracker Collections, you can adapt the Diary Entry workflow to satisfy just about any approach you want to take..

Defining a Tracker Collection

To create a Tracker Collection, simply (1) Select the Tracker items you want
to include and (2) Then tap the “New Collection” button. You’ll be asked to
provide a unique name for the collection. Once saved, you can view the Tracker
Collection by (3) Tapping the “Apply a Collection” button.

width=”33%”> width=”33%”> width=”33%”> Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size: 10pt”>(1) Select your Tracker Items (2) Tap “New Collection” and Save (3) Tap “Apply a Collection” to review


Using the Tracker Collection

Once defined, you’re ready to start using the new Tracker Collection. There
are a few ways to use a Tracker Collection in your Diary Entry workflow. Which
one is right for you will depend on your personal needs, but we’ll illustrate
each one here starting with the least degree of automation to the greatest.

Manual Tracker Selection

Although this workflow doesn’t even use Tracker Collection, I’m still including this workflow in our examples for the sake of completeness. In this scenario, the user wants to manually select the Trackers for each Diary Entry. This gives the utmost in flexibility and customization, and for some folks that’s a blessing.

When you first start using CPT, this is the workflow you’re beginning with. Now let’s take a look at some alternative workflows that might better fit your needs.

Occasional Usage

In this example workflow, let’s consider the situation where you sometimes
create a Diary Entry that utilizes the same group of Tracker items. Maybe it’s
your first entry each day or the after dinner entry, etc. The point is that
normally you use the manual selection of Tracker Items to build your Diary
Entry, but there are those times where you are selecting the same items as

For those entries where you have previously defined a Tracker Collection,
simply tap the Apply a Collection when you open the Tracker Selection screen.
This will open the Collection table and you can select the Tracker Collection
you want to apply. With this workflow, you save a few taps since the items are
already grouped together in the Collection.

Regular Usage

Now let’s consider a situation where you’ve been able to define a Tracker
Collection for each of the types of entries you create. Maybe you’ve created
one for a morning entry, one for breakthrough pain entries, one for bedtime,
etc. In this scenario, you almost always select one of your predefined
Collections rather than manually selecting Tracker items.

If this is the case, you can change a setting which will automatically
display the Tracker Collection table rather than the Tracker Selection table
when creating a new Diary Entry. This saves another tap since you don’t have to
choose the “Apply a Collection” button.

To enable this workflow, go to the Settings tab, then Diary Preferences,
then Tracker Collection Prefs. Set the “Jump to Collection Table First” to ON.
Now you will automatically jump to the Collection table when creating a new
entry. That said, if you need to, you can always manually change the Trackers
included in the Diary Entry just like before.

Default Diary Entry Format – NEW in v3.4

For the ultimate in automation, let’s now consider a workflow where you want
to use the same group of Tracker items for every Diary Entry you create. If
this is the case, then you can define one of your Tracker Collections as the
“Default” Diary Entry structure. All new Diary Entries will be created with
those Tracker items already added to the Diary Entry, so you can jump right
into data entry mode.

Scrn TrackerCollectionBuilder04
This is a new feature now available in v3.4 and later. To enable it, go to the Tracker Collection table and tap
the “Make Default” button on one of your Tracker Collections. That’s it. Now
each new Diary Entry will contain the Tracker items from that Collection. As in
the other workflows, you can still go back and modify the Tracker items after
the fact, so you’re never limited by the automation.

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