iOS 7 and Chronic Pain Tracker

Apple’s iOS 7 is here…

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Well, unless you’ve been living on a deserted island, you know that Apple’s new iOS 7 is here. In fact, judging from Apple’s statistics, you’ve probably already installed iOS 7 on your device, and you’ve gotten to see how different a User Interface experience it is compared to earlier versions.

Whether you’re a fan of iOS 7’s new flat look or not, it is the future and we’re all going to need to adapt a bit towards this new paradigm.

And so is CPT v3.5

In that spirit, we recently introduced our Chronic Pain Tracker v3.5 to coincide with the iOS 7 release. This new version includes a number of key UI changes that were required to deal with some of the underlying code changes made by iOS 7. Without those changes, the earlier versions of CPT can have some display issues when run on iOS 7, so we definitely suggest updating if you haven’t already done so.

With CPT v3.5, you’re not going to see any huge changes. You’ll see new picker and switch controls, etc that come with iOS 7, but our intention was to first ensure a smooth transition for users moving to iOS 7. Once that is accomplished, we’ll begin introducing some of the iOS 7 UI philosophy changes with subsequent updates.

Some have asked if we will go totally “flat UI” as Apple has done. At this point, I think we’ll introduce some “flatness” to the app, but we will continue to retain much of the look and feel that we’ve developed over the last few years. Rather than a total UI redesign, we’d rather put our resources towards expanding our feature set and continue making CPT an effective tool for our users. And that leads me to a question to our users…

What should we do next with Chronic Pain Tracker?

We want to hear from you to help us shape our future development plans. What would you like us to deliver next?

  • Do you have a particular metric that you want/need to track?
  • Is there a special report that would better communicate your situation to your doctor?
  • Do you want to have an ability to interact socially as a community with other CPT users?

We’ve already gotten some great feedback over the last several months, so we have some ideas for where to go next, but ultimately we want to be guided by our users, so speak up and let us know your thoughts. You can either comment on this posting below or use one of our other support request options.

And, if you haven’t done so in the past, please consider writing a review of CPT on the App Store. Your positive reviews are a HUGE help in driving visibility of our app. Even if you have written a review previously, please consider updating with each new version we release. The more our user base grows, the more resources and time we’re able to devote to bringing you the next great CPT feature. Thanks in advance for those reviews!




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