Chronic Pain Tracker v3.5.5 has been released to the App Store

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.5.5

Our latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker, v3.5.5, is now available from the App Store. If you have automatic App Store updates enabled, you are probably  already running the new version; otherwise, download it from the App Store today. To check which version you are running, open CPT and tap on the Setting tab. You will see a line labeled “Version” which will show the current app version. You should see something like “v3.5.5 (140218) Pro” or “v3.5.5 (140218) Lite”

As always, if you have any issues applying the update or questions about the new features, please drop us an e-mail with your questions. It’s always best to use the “Send E-Mail to Support Team” option (also found in the Settings tab) to contact us as it includes lots of diagnostics information about your installation that can help us resolve issues more quickly.

New Features

This version was mainly intended to address some minor bugs identified in previous versions, but it also includes some new features that have been requested by our users. Here are the new features included with the update. We’ll provide some additional posts over the next few days which describes each feature in more detail.

  • User Definable Medication Sort Order
    • You can now change the sort order for your medication list to make data entry more efficient
  • Medication Start/End Dates
    • CPT now provides a means to define a start and/or end date for each medication. This is an optional feature which can improve the accuracy of the medication usage reporting.
    • Start/End dates can be set manually by the user, OR they can be set automatically based on the first and last usage dates of the medication item

Bug Fixes

In addition to these features, the following bugs were resolved by this update:

  • FIXED – Weather Tracker Lunar Phase plot had an issue with inconsistent size of the lunar images used as labels on the plot.
  • FIXED – Bug related to the Sleep History Tracker’s Sleep Quality Level summary plot that could arise in a situation where there was only a single sleep quality value specified within a range of entries being reported on.
  • FIXED – In the case where a Medication cited in a diary entry is not found in the Medication Tracker List (eg. it has been previously removed from the list) and that diary entry is included in a summary report, the report will now assume an 8 hour window for the Pain Reduction analysis graph. Previously this could cause an error in the Summary report.
  • FIXED – Also in the Pain Reduction Analysis report, a bug was fixed so that diary entries that include a medication usage, but not a pain intensity level value, are filtered out so that they do not impact the analysis of the graph.
  • FIXED – Weather Tracker summary plot relating pain levels to weather conditions could generate an incorrect avg pain level if one or more of the diary entries included a weather tracker item but did not include a corresponding pain intensity level tracker item.
  • FIXED – A minor bug related to the methods used to create data ranges in certain summary graphs
  • FIXED – After editing an existing diary entry, the diary history table display was not immediately refreshing the diary entry icons in the table view.
  • FIXED – Internal image caches were not properly releasing cached images older than set lifespan. Caches are now functioning as intended.
  • FIXED – Display of General Comment Tracker entry cell on iPhone with iOS 6.x was incorrectly sized.
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