Sorting your Medication Items

As of CPT v3.5.5 (released Feb 20, 2014), you have the ability to define a manual sort order for your list of Medication Items. This can be helpful if you have a large number of items in the Medication table and want to move current meds towards the top of the list.

Using this feature is quite easy. To begin, open the Medication Tracker List by either:

  • go to the Settings tab -> Diary Preferences -> Medication Taken – Edit Medication List, OR
  • create/edit a diary entry, add the Medication Tracker and select “Edit Table Entries” at the bottom of the list

With the Medication list open, you’ll see that each table entry will include a sort order control on the far right side of the row. It’s the icon with the three stacked gray bars. To change the position of an item in the table, tap/hold on the icon and drag the item up or down in the list. Once it’s in the location you want, just let go of the item and it will pop into place.

Once you have manually changed the sort order of the table, the items will remember their new positions and will display in this order for all new diary entries. As you add new Medication items, you can continue to adjust the sort order as needed.


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