What’s new in Chronic Pain Tracker 3.6

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.6 – Released July 28, 2014

We just released the latest and greatest version of Chronic Pain Tracker to the App Store and suggest that all current users update to this version. It includes some great new features plus a couple of key bug fixes. Want to know what’s new? Well, lets take a look…

Fixes & Improvements

Database Restore bug

The most significant bug fix has to do with a problem related to restoring a database backup that was occurring with the 3.5.7 version of CPT. This bug caused the app to crash whenever you tried to restore a database using the “Dropbox Backup/Restore” features and/or the “Master DB to Device” feature in the Device-to-Device Sync service. Although it was possible to use iTunes File Sharing as a workaround to this bug, it was still a pain in the neck for users and we’re all glad to see it go.

Report Improvements

In addition, we’ve continued to work on improving various reports and graphs within the app. As an example, we changed the “Pain Range per Time of Day” graph in the Summary Report to use 12 2-hour “buckets” rather than the 4 6-hour “buckets” from previous versions. This should give you additional insight into how your pain levels are changing over the course of the day. We’ve also modified the color schemes of the reports to enable a bit more differentiation between the multiple report formats we now offer.

Feature Additions

Fatigue Tracker Entry ScreenFatigue Tracker

This latest Tracker allows you to track your Physical & Mental Fatigue Levels using a sliding scale for each. As with all of our Trackers, the data generated using this Tracker will then be used in a variety of analytical formats within the Diary History, Summary, Comparison, etc reports to show how your fatigue levels change over time and whether or not there is a correlation between fatigue levels and pain levels.

Comparison Report

Comparison Report

Comparison Report

We’re excited about this latest reporting format – the Comparison Report. You’re probably used to the situation: You go to your doctor’s visit and the first thing you get asked is, “Did that medication switch help with your pain?” or “How are you feeling now compared to before your surgery?” or “Did the physical therapy sessions reduce your pain levels?”

Now you can be prepared to address those questions with clear, concise, & graphical analytics by using the Comparison Report. This report let’s you compare your Tracker metrics from one period against another. So you could do the month before the medication switch vs the month after the switch. Or, compare the six months pre-surgery to the two months post-surgery.

The Comparison Report is similar to the Summary Report in that we divide the report into sections – one for each Tracker found in the report date range. In each section, you’ll find a series of graphs that compare the data from Period A to Period B.

We think this report will be a great compliment to the Diary History and Summary Reports that are already available in CPT. This report is included with the CPT PRO version and is available via In App Purchase with the CPT LITE version.

Weather Tracker Manual Location SelectionWeather Tracker Manual Location Entry

We had a few CPT users that had difficulty with the Weather Tracker because they lived in a location where the location services had problems providing accurate location information. Without a known location, the Weather Tracker wasn’t able to retrieve the weather details for their entry. With v3.6, those users can now manually define their location using a built-in mapping tool that let’s them zero in on their precise location. With this information, the Weather Tracker can then easily download their local weather conditions. Coming in a future CPT version, this feature will bring benefits for an even broader collection of users, but you’ll have to wait just a bit for those details.