Chronic Pain Tracker (v3.7.0) for Apple iOS 9 Now Available

Some of you may have been looking for us on the App Store recently, and we apologize for our absence. We needed to take care of a couple critical bugs that popped up after iOS 9 had been released.

Those bugs needed to be resolved before we’d feel comfortable introducing new users to Chronic Pain Tracker. I’m happy to say that those bugs are now fixed, and CPT is now available in both Pro and Lite versions on the App Store again. If any of our users did update their device to iOS 9 and encountered problems with CPT, we suggest updating to this version as soon as you can.

This version is focused on resolving those immediate iOS 9 related problems as well as some bugs from earlier versions. So, no huge new features in this version. But, we have been working on a more significant update for some time and we’re hoping to release it within the next couple of months, so stay tuned.