Chronic Pain Tracker v3.8.8 is now available with important Dropbox v2 API migration

Get CPT v3.8.8 now

We have just posted Chronic Pain Tracker v3.8.8 to the Apple App Store™. It should be available later this afternoon or this evening (depending on your location) for download and we encourage all of our CPT users to go ahead and install this special update.

This update is important because it adds support for a new Dropbox v2 API. Dropbox is ending support for their older v1 API on June 17, 2017, which means you must update to CPT v3.8.8 in order to continue using the integrated Dropbox features.

As most of you know, CPT utilizes a tight integration with Dropbox to provide features like the ability to instantly send PDF reports to your Dropbox folder, automated backup & restore of the CPT database, and as part of the device-to-device sync architecture.

A Change of Plans

We had originally planned to roll out this Dropbox API update as part of a broader CPT v4.0 project that we’re working on, but the timing just didn’t work out as we had hoped. Unfortunately the Dropbox cutoff date is unlikely to be moved and therefore we needed to create this interim update in order to provide an uninterrupted continuity of service for our customers.

Well, at least that was our hope, but…. there is a bit more to the story. Unfortunately  the move to Dropbox v2 API presents a problem for our ongoing support of the Device-to-Device Synchronization feature. Parts of the underlying sync framework we use in CPT has not been migrated to the new Dropbox API and it doesn’t appear that it ever will be. For that reason, we are forced to disable this feature in the v3.8.8 app.

Our plan is to re-introduce this feature in the CPT 4.0 version. We have been working for quite a while on integrating a brand new sync framework technology into our CPT 4.0 codebase, along with numerous data model changes in the app to improve the sync performance over the previous technology we used.

So for those users that will be effected by this interruption, we do apologize. If you have any questions or comments that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us directly and I’d be happy to do so.

What’s in v3.8.8

Here’s a copy of the v3.8.8 Release Notes so you can see what has changed in this version. Again, the main focus is on migrating to the Dropbox v2 API. A couple points to reinforce about the move.

First, if you were already logged into Dropbox within CPT when the upgrade is run, on the very first initial startup of v3,8.8, your credentials will automatically be migrated from the Dropbox v1 to v2 API’s. So you will not have to log out and log back in manually.

Second, the Dropbox v2 API contains code that does not support iOS 8.x, so from this point forward, CPT is supporting iOS 9.x and above devices only.


ADDED – Support for Dropbox v2 API for database Backup/Restore operations
ADDED – Support for Dropbox v2 API for sending exported reports (PDF, HTML, or CSV formats) to Dropbox
ADDED – Support for seamless transition to new Dropbox API – as a user, you don’t need to do anything. If you’re already logged into Dropbox before you upgrade, you’re login authorization will be translated automatically. Otherwise, just login as you normally would.
REMOVED – Support for iOS 8.x – also related to the move to Dropbox v2 API which only supports iOS 9.x and above
REMOVED – Device-to-Device Synchronization feature – (see note above) this will be brought back in our v4.0 release

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