Chronic Pain Tracker v3.4 is Now Available

Five new Trackers for CPT

Five new Trackers for CPT

Available Now – Chronic Pain Tracker v3.4

We’re happy to announce the availability of our latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker: v3.4. This version some great new features, an enhanced UI, and bug fixes and stability improvements. We definitely encourage existing CPT users to download this latest version today.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be posting more information about key features in this version including:

  • Getting the most out of our 5 new Trackers
  • Improvements in the Tracker Collection & Diary Entry Automation workflows
  • Data Synchronization between devices
  • and more!

So stay tuned and go download that update!

NOTE: As always, we suggest making a backup of your CPT database prior to loading the update from the App Store “just in case”. Besides, you regularly make backups of your database anyway for safe keeping, right? Well if not, try out our integrated Backup/Restore feature that safely stores a copy of your database in a linked Dropbox folder. It’s been available since our earlier v3.x update, so there’s no excuse for not using it.

Release Note Details

ADDED – 5 New Tracker Objects for your Diary Entries

* ACTIVITY LEVEL – track your recent activity levels and see how activity effects your pain levels
* BLOOD PRESSURE & PULSE RATE – keep track of these important health metrics, plus see how/if changes in these levels impact your pain
* BODY WEIGHT, HEIGHT & BMI – also includes Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation based on your inputs
* MENTAL STATE – track your mental disposition, stress levels, and mood stability and see how these levels are impacted by your pain levels
* SLEEP HISTORY – track overnight and nap sleep amounts, sleep quality and sleep interruptions

ADDED – Ability to define a Tracker Collection as the default Diary Entry template. New Diary Entries will open with the collection’s items preloaded and ready to go.
ADDED – Cloud based Device-to-Device synchronization services via Dropbox
ADDED – Synchronization of application settings and preferences between devices via iCloud
ADDED – Ability to produce full-page PDF output of individual Summary Report graphs (iPad only)
ADDED – Sound effects tied to app controls that make navigation more intuitive
ADDED – More diagnostic information to support request e-mail template to help us respond more quickly and accurately to your inquires
IMPROVED – Graphical Interface buttons and images improve app usability
IMPROVED – Scrolling speed of main Diary Entry History table
IMPROVED – Setting the slider on a Pain Location Map graph in Summary Report will be maintained when producing PDF report. Allows you to generate external reports that show an alternative body overlay image with these graphs.
IMPROVED – Storage of Pain Location Map drawing data to reduce database size and improve performance
IMPROVED – Overall App memory footprint has been reduced to improve performance and stability
FIXED – Pattern Lock screen on iPad display and performance has been improved and now functions as intended
FIXED – Pain Map drawing tools now remember last selected body type and brush width between uses
FIXED – Lots of additional bug fixes and minor tweaks
FIXED – When deleting entries from History table view, the cell sizes no longer expand when switching between regular and edit modes




iPad UI is Now Available for Chronic Pain Tracker

We just recently (Feb 17) released Chronic Pain Tracker v3.3 to the Apple App Store, and with it, the new native iPad UI for the app. If you haven’t already upgraded to the latest version, please do so – especially if you use CPT on an iPad device.

So far we’ve gotten some really good feedback from users about the new interface. We tried to keep the same overall CPT workflow and concepts while taking advantage of the additional screen real-estate of the iPad. As you can see from the screen shots below, the new interface packs a whole lot more information into each view.

Tap on one of the screens below to see more of the new iPad UI…


One of the key aspects of our iPad interface is that it is offered as part of the “universal” CPT app, which means that the same app runs on both iPhone and iPad. So, you only have to buy the app once, regardless of which device(s) you’re running it on.

To all of our Beta Testers, we’d like to thank you for helping us make this such a great release. For those of you that signed up for the Beta program a bit later and weren’t included in this release iteration, I hope we can count on you to be part of future Beta releases.

Right now we are going through some minor updates to v3.3 to correct the inevitable minor bugs that pop up. We expect one more update release (v3.3.2) before we get back to focusing on new feature development for the next major release in the next few months.

In the meantime, we always love to hear from you, so let us know how CPT is helping you, and if you’re willing to share that story with others, please review our app on iTunes. It’s great reviews from our users that help make it possible for us to continue developing this app. Thank you!

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.2.2 Now Available on App Store

We have just posted a new minor update version of Chronic Pain Tracker (v3.2.2) to the App Store. This version corrects a couple of issues including:

✔  FIXED – Diary History Report Entry Order – this bug would sometimes cause an error in chronological sorting of diary entries within the report, particularly if entries were created non-sequentially or following an import of entries. That issue has been corrected and the report is ordering all entries from newest to oldest when generated.

✔  FIXED – Pain Map Compositing for Summary Reports – an issue was found where the compositing process was not properly handling paint strokes that had been previously erased. This could result in the composite showing paint in places it shouldn’t have been. This issue is now fully resolved.

✔  FIXED – PDF Diary History Report Intermittent Crash – We noticed a few crash reports related to downloaded Weather Tracker data that was causing a problem during the PDF generation of a Diary History report. We’ve added more code to cleanse the weather data before generation so this issue should be resolved as well.

Finally, while we were working on the Pain Map compositing issue above, we decided to do some fine tuning of the compositing process to improve the display of the final pain map data in the Summary Report. This change will not subtly blend areas of minimal or infrequent pain with the background body image so the final composite image is improved. It’s not a major change, but we know many of you really rely on this feature so we want it to be the best we can make it.

As we said, this version is available in the App Store now. Please update your device at your convenience. As always, if you have any comments, questions, or issues to report, please contact us. You can do so right from the app by going to the Settings tab and then tapping on “Send E-mail to Support Team”. We’d love to hear from you.

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.2 now available

The latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker has just been released on the App Store.

It’s been several months since our last release. That’s not because we haven’t been working. The 3.2 release includes a number of “under the hood” improvements designed to make your experience with CPT even better. Plus we’ve added some new features like integrated Weather Tracking.

Let’s have a look at what’s new:

  • Support for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5
    • CPT now supports the full screen size on the new iPhone 5
    • CPT has been tested and approved for the latest Apple iOS 6

  • Weather Tracker
    • New Weather Tracker let’s you easily document current weather conditions within your Diary Entries.
    • Support for retrieving current weather conditions worldwide
    • Analysis of weather data and comparison with your pain level information allows the generation of graphs showing:
      • Temperature vs. Time
      • Humidity Level vs Time
      • Pressure Level vs Time
      • Pain Levels vs Weather Condition
      • Pain Levels vs Humidity Levels
      • Pain Levels vs Pressure Trends
    • Check out more info here
  • Diary Entry Import/Export
    • Diary Entry data can be exported and saved to a zip file which can then be stored as a data backup or used to move diary information from one Diary to another.
  • Usability Improvements
    • Diary History scroll speed has been significantly improved.
    • Automated Tracker “Copy Last Entry” functionality now happens in the background
    • Pain Location Tracker “Path Simplification” process now happens in the background and is faster than previous versions

  • Pain Painter Improvements
    • We’ve simplified the navigational workflow within the Pain Painter by adding gesture support for zooming and panning without having to switch between Painting Mode and Nav Mode. Now just pinch to zoom in or out of the image and use a two finger pan to move the image around. A single finger still acts as your paint brush as you document your pain areas on the image.
    • Reorganized interface for the iPhone 5 now provides 38% more painting area

CPT v3.1.1 is Now Available in the App Store

Our latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker was released to the App Store on June 27. This update focuses on addressing a few minor bugs. We advise all users to update to this version when convenient for them to do so.

We also wanted to mention that we really enjoy getting your feedback about the latest improvements to CPT, so thanks to all of you that have reached out following the release of the v3.1 version. If you are enjoying the new Tracker modules and improved performance of the app, please let us know. Also let the world know by posting an iTunes review of Chronic Pain Tracker. It’s all those great 5 star reviews that keep us developing more new features for you.

v3.1.1 Release Notes

✔ ADDED – Additional report file information (time since created & file size) to the Report Output Cache table

✔ FIXED – Intermittent database warning that could appear when adding or removing Trackers to a previously saved Diary Entry. This was seen as an error message popping up sometimes after saving an entry. This is resolved.

✔ FIXED – Support Request email now correctly differentiates between Lite and Full versions

✔ FIXED – Problem with certain views not reappearing properly after app is sent to background and then brought back to foreground. All views now properly display when returning to foreground.

✔ FIXED – Error during report generation caused by improper characters in Diary Name. We now check and filter those characters out when generating an exported filename that includes a diary name identifier.

CPT v3.1 is now available in the App Store

Attention Chronic Pain Tracker users: We’ve just posted a great new version of CPT in the App Store and we advise all current users to go ahead and update to this version. This release is applicable to both the Lite and Full versions of Chronic Pain Tracker. Both versions include the features described below.

CPT v3.1 requires iOS 5.0 or above.

Release Notes

So, what’s new in this version? Quite a bit actually. Here’s the release notes for the version…

    • ADDED – Pain Onset Speed Tracker – customizable range of descriptions to describe the onset speed.
    • ADDED – Pain Duration Tracker – customizable range of descriptions to describe the duration of the pain.
    • ADDED – Other Symptoms Tracker – customizable list of non-pain-related symptoms that you might be experiencing.
    • ADDED – Milestone Tracker – mark key dates (eg. surgeries, medication changes, etc) that will be displayed on all date based graphs to help identify those key dates and how they relate to your pain.
    • ADDED – Bowel Movement Tracker – Track type & quantity of bowel movements based on the Bristol Stool scale.
    • ADDED – New Pain Painter template for migraine sufferers
“Head & Torso” Model for Migraine Users
IMG 0619


    • ADDED – PDF based reports. Now create beautiful paginated PDF reports that can be printed, exported or viewed right on your device. (Note: the HTML based reports are also still available in the app)
Diary History Report (PDF)
DiaryEntry Last14Day 0x
Summary Report (PDF)
Summary Last60Day 0x PG1


    • ADDED – App Access Security. Using an easy to use “visual password” mechanism, you can prevent unauthorized access to the application and your health data.
Pattern Lock Security


  • ADDED – Diary Entry import/export options. Allows you to define a date range to collect and export a range of Diary Entry data to an external file format. This external file format can also be imported back into a Diary. Useful for moving records between Diaries or for long term archiving of older data you may not want to track directly within the app.
  • ADDED – New default setting for reports to automatically “Refresh” whenever they are loaded. This seems like it will be a better default workflow for most users. We have made this setting switchable though for those that want to continue manually refreshing report data.
  • ADDED – For newer users, more help tips throughout the app and easier to understand button names in certain locations.
  • FIXED – Many, many improvements to the app’s underlying architecture for improved stability and performance.

Installing the new version

To install the new version, you just download it from the AppStore as you would any other update. The first time you run the new version, it will need to adapt your diary database structure and will require a couple of data updates. These are processes only require you to tap a single button, so it should be a simple process. Once that’s done, your app will start up as usual.