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Chronic Pain Tracker v3.8.8 is now available with important Dropbox v2 API migration

Get CPT v3.8.8 now We have just posted Chronic Pain Tracker v3.8.8 to the Apple App Store™. It should be available later this afternoon or this evening (depending on your location) for download and we encourage all of our CPT users to go ahead and install this special update. This update is important because it […]

We’re looking for existing CPT users to help Beta Test our latest versions

One of the ways we can continue to improve the app rollout experience to our customers is to ensure that we thoroughly beta test any of our new features and app enhancements well before they hit a general release. That’s where our beta testing team comes in to the picture. The CPT Beta Test Team […]

Chronic Pain Tracker (v3.7.0) for Apple iOS 9 Now Available

Some of you may have been looking for us on the App Store recently, and we apologize for our absence. We needed to take care of a couple critical bugs that popped up after iOS 9 had been released. Those bugs needed to be resolved before we’d feel comfortable introducing new users to Chronic Pain […]

What’s new in Chronic Pain Tracker 3.6

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.6 – Released July 28, 2014 We just released the latest and greatest version of Chronic Pain Tracker to the App Store and suggest that all current users update to this version. It includes some great new features plus a couple of key bug fixes. Want to know what’s new? Well, lets […]

Medication Usage Dates for Improved Reporting

Available with the v3.5.5 release of Chronic Pain Tracker, you now have the ability to define a Start Date and End Date for each custom Medication item in the Medication Tracker. Although this feature is optional, we do encourage our users to take advantage of it where applicable. The feature has been added for two […]