CPT News

Sorting your Medication Items

As of CPT v3.5.5 (released Feb 20, 2014), you have the ability to define a manual sort order for your list of Medication Items. This can be helpful if you have a large number of items in the Medication table and want to move current meds towards the top of the list. Using this feature […]

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.5.5 has been released to the App Store

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.5.5 Our latest version of Chronic Pain Tracker, v3.5.5, is now available from the App Store. If you have automatic App Store updates enabled, you are probably  already running the new version; otherwise, download it from the App Store today. To check which version you are running, open CPT and tap on […]

CPT Connection

Welcome to the NEW CPT Connection!

Welcome to our new website for users of Chronic Pain Tracker. We decided to give the previous site a major face lift to improve the look & feel of the site AND to give us the opportunity to offer new and existing CPT users more information about Chronic Pain Tracker. For now most of the […]

iOS 7 and Chronic Pain Tracker

Apple’s iOS 7 is here… Well, unless you’ve been living on a deserted island, you know that Apple’s new iOS 7 is here. In fact, judging from Apple’s statistics, you’ve probably already installed iOS 7 on your device, and you’ve gotten to see how different a User Interface experience it is compared to earlier versions. […]

Chronic Pain Tracker v3.4.1 Now Available

Many thanks to those of you that have reached out to us since the release of v3.4 earlier this week. The new Trackers have gotten some really good feedback. We’re excited to see what our users are able to do with these new features. And we’re already thinking about the next batch of feature improvements. […]