CPT Product Strategy

Chronic Pain Tracker is currently offered as two apps: CPT Lite and CPT Pro. Both of these apps offer universal iPhone & iPad support, so you’ll never have to buy our app twice just to run it on your other iOS device. And both app versions include access to all the great Pain Diary tools like our modular Trackers, Summary Report Analytics, and Report Sharing options.

We offer CPT Lite primarily as any easy and no-cost means for prospective customers to try out the great features of Chronic Pain Tracker. We provide our Lite customers with the full CPT experience of features and connectivity with only the following differences between the two versions:

CPT Lite
  • CPT Lite

    • Single Pain Diary
    • Initial cap of 25 Diary Entries
CPT Lite
  • CPT Pro

    • Includes Multi-Diary Support
    • No limits on Diary Entry count per Diary

Our product strategy is designed to make our CPT Pro product the “complete solution” that includes all of our available features and options in a single package. As we add new features and functionality, most of those will be incorporated into CPT Pro as standard features. Customers upgrading to CPT Pro can be sure that they’ll have access to all the great new features we have planned for down the road.

With that information in mind, let’s have a look at what your options are for expanding your CPT product…

CPT Lite Upgrade Paths

Migrating to CPT Pro

In the past, once a CPT Lite customer reached the 25 Diary Entry count limit, they needed to decide whether to purchase the CPT Pro app. We’re happy to say that many of our Lite customers have made that migration, and we expect that trend to continue. We even have a migration strategy mapped out for you right here.

Expanding CPT Lite

We now offer the ability to expand CPT Lite using In App Purchases. This approach gives you some new options including:

  • Diary Entry Capacity Expansion Packs

    Liking what you see, but you aren’t quite ready to jump to the Pro version? No problem. Just purchase one of our 50 or 200 Diary Entry Capacity Expansion Packs. Think of these as adding a few more pages into a real paper diary. Now you can continue creating and tracking over and above the initial 25 Diary Entry limit.

    This additional Diary capacity is treated as a consumable, so for each Diary Entry created, a counter keeps track and once your tank is empty, you can choose whether or not to reload by buying another round of capacity.

  • Diary Entry Unlimited Capacity Upgrade

    At any point you can also decide to purchase this upgrade item which will remove the Diary Entry capacity limits altogether. This item only needs to be purchased once and does not expire.

  • Multi-Diary Support Upgrade

    This option enables support for creating and managing more than one Diary within the app. So if you have separate illnesses or conditions you want to track separately, or maybe you need a Diary for yourself and one for your spouse, you now can have that option.