Database Backup & Restore

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CPT now offers a fully integrated Backup & Restore mechanism for your Diary database. This feature uses our integration with the Dropbox synchronization services to provide a simple way to manage your database files without needing to connect to iTunes. If you haven’t already signed up for a free Dropbox account, you need to do so in order to use this feature.

When to use?

There are two main situations in which you will want to these Backup/Restore features. The most obvious use situation is to protect your Diary data so that if your device is damaged or lost, you won’t loose your Diary data. Every once in a while, just use the Backup option to store a copy of the database to your Dropbox account. The database will be securely synchronized to your Dropbox cloud account. It’s so easy, there is no excuse not to do it.

The second usage situation is for migrating your database from one device to another OR from one CPT app product version to another. So, if you decide to start tracking on your iPad instead of your iPhone, you can easily Backup on one device and then Restore to the new device. Similarly, if you have been using our CPT Lite version and upgrade to the CPT Pro version, you can use this feature to migrate the Lite database to the Pro app.

Backing up Your Database

To Backup your database, just tap the “Backup Database To Dropbox” button. You’ll see the Backup Progress Indicator begin to display the progress of the backup operations. There are several steps involved in the backup, but everything is automated, so you don’t need to do anything but wait for the process to complete.

The time to complete this step depends on the size of your database, so if you have lots of data, be patient. Once completed, you can go right back to using the app with the confidence that you have a secure backup created.

Restore Your Database

If you need to Restore your database, the first step is to select one of your available backup options from the table. Once selected, just tap the “Restore Database from Dropbox”. You’ll be asked to verify that you really want to overwrite your existing database. This is a process that can’t be reversed, so be careful. Our suggestion is to make a backup of the existing database BEFORE restoring another database. That way if you have second thoughts, you can always restore the original database and be right back where you started.

As in the case of the Backup operations, the speed of the Restore process will depend on the size of your database. Once the process is completed, you can immediately begin using the new database.

A Note About Dropbox Synchronization

Dropbox App Folders

The Pro and Lite versions of Chronic Pain Tracker do not share the same sync folder. This means that if you are transferring a database from one version to another, you will need to manually move the zip’d database file from one folder to another. You can do this from any Mac/PC that is logged into your Dropbox account. Just open the main Dropbox folder and look for the “Apps” folder. Inside you will see a folder for Chronic Pain Tracker Lite and one for Chronic Pain Tracker. Move the zip files as desired and then restore from within the CPT app.

Sync Speed

When migrating a database from one device to another it is important to consider the synchronization delay that may occur. For example, if you generate a backup on Device A, the backup file may not immediately show up on Device B in the “Available Backup” table. It is normal for the Dropbox synchronization to take a few moments or more to synchronize between devices.