Diary Edit Form

In the Diary Edit mode, you define certain aspects of the overall diary. This includes giving the Diary a unique name and a brief description. The name and description will be used to identify this Diary within the app and on exported PDF & HTML reports.

You also have the option of specifying a Patient Name for the Diary. The patient name value will be printed on exported reports so they don’t get misplaced by your doctor. You can also indicate an e-mail address that will be used as the default “Send to” address when creating an e-mail within the application. For example, you might use your own address if you want to send yourself a copy of the report, or your doctor’s address to ensure they arrive before your appointment.

Diary Statistics

The Diary Edit mode screen also includes a small table indicating the current Dairy Entry count and the Start/End dates of the diary. The Start date corresponds to the earliest diary entry, and the End date represents the latest diary entry included in the diary.

Data Transfer Operations

New with v3.2, you have the ability to export a range of Diary Entries from one Diary and then import those entries into a different Diary. This gives you the ability to archive a range of Diary Entries that you may not be interested in any longer (eg. perhaps it was related to a different ailment) or simply for safe keeping offline.

When exporting a range of Diary Entries, you have the option to either leave those entries in the current Diary or to remove them during the export process. So, if you need to remove several days worth of entries, this can be an easy way to go about it.

When exported, the Diary Entries will be added to the application’s main Documents directory which is accessible via the iTunes File Sharing feature on your Mac/PC.

Diary Removal

Delete Diary Button

If you need to delete the current diary, you can use this button to do so. Please keep in mind that this process cannot be reversed, so any data contained in that Diary will not be recoverable.