Diary Entry Editing Toolbar

The Diary Entry editing form is where you create the details about
your pain entry. You will use the available tools to select and edit
the Trackers that will capture the details of your pain condition. The
upper portion of the screen contains the main toolbar.

Diary Entry Edit Toolbar

Cancel Button

Use the Cancel button to exit the Diary Entry without saving changes. If this was a new Diary Entry, it will be erased from the Diary. If this was an existing Diary Entry, the changes made will not be saved to the Diary.


Save Button

Use the Save button to save the current Diary Entry to the Diary. If this was a new entry, it will be added to the Diary. If it was an existing entry, any changes made will be saved to the Diary.

Action Button

The Action button is used to generate a PDF or HTML version of the Diary Entry which can then be printed, e-mailed, or synchronized to your Dropbox folder. This only generates output for the current Diary Entry being edited. If you wish to generate a report combining data from multiple entries, then you should use the Diary History Report found under the Reports tab of the application.


Timestamp Button

Each Diary Entry receives a specific timestamp that records the
entry date. By default, the timestamp is the current time/date, but you can change this to any past or future time/date you desire by opening the timestamp editor and changing the value.


Close ButtonOpen Button

The Close and Open buttons control the status of the Tracker items included in the Diary Entry. When you press “Open”, all of the Tracker cells will expand to show the detail portion of the Tracker so that you can view and/or edit the content. Tapping the “Close” button will contract all of the Trackers so that only the icon and title are shown.

Add Button
The Add button will open the Tracker Item Selection screen where you can Add or Remove Tracker items from the Diary Entry. This is usually the first button to tap when you create a new Diary Entry so that you can select the Trackers to include.