Diary Entry Editor

This is the main interface for creating and editing Diary Entries. When you initially create a new Diary Entry, the main portion of the screen will be empty. You can then use the “Add/Remove Trackers” button to open the Tracker Selection interface and decide which Tracker elements to include with this entry. Once selected, those Trackers will be shown on the workspace similar to the example below. Fill out each Tracker item as needed and then tap the Save button to record the Diary Entry into the database. You can scroll the workspace right/left as needed to access all of the Trackers for the Diary Entry.



If you need to adjust the Timestamp for the entry, tap the “Change Timestamp” button in the upper toolbar. This will open a popup window where you can select past or future times as needed.

The “Generate Report” button gives you the option of creating a PDF or HTML copy of this individual Diary Entry. In most cases you won’t need to do this, but if you need to submit individual entries to doctors or caregivers, the option is here for you. If instead, you are looking to create a PDF or HTML report of a range of Diary Entries, then go to the Reports tab from the main menu and select the Diary History Report.