Diary History Filter

The History Filter gives you the ability to filter the amount of Diary Entry data shown in the history view. It does NOT delete any of your Diary data, it merely filters the records that are shown in the History view.

This can be particularly helpful on low memory devices where you want to reduce the overhead on the application. It also makes sense if you have a very large history, but really only need to see the last few weeks or months worth of data.

Diary History Filter

There are three filter settings to choose from. The first should be quite clear – no filter. This setting does no filtering of any kind, so you will see the full history of Diary Entries when it is activated.

The second filter option allows you to specify a start and end date range. Only those records that fit between these data ranges will be shown in the diary.

The third option let’s you specify a single data range which marks a point where Diary Entries with entry dates previous to this will not be shown. Entries with entry dates after, will be shown.

Regardless of the Filter setting used, all of your Diary data remains safely stored in the database. The filter setting also will not affect any Reports run against the Diary. Even hidden Diary Entries will be included in Reports if they fall within the proper report date range.