Diary History Report Setup

Unlike the Summary Report, this is not an interactive report since it is simply an output of your Diary Entries. If you want to review those interactively, you should exit the Reports section and go back to the Diary History tab where you can flip through each Diary Entry as you like. Instead, this report enables you to create a PDF or HTML “hardcopy” of your Pain Diary contents. The report is a chronological listing of your Diary Entries for the selected date range. Each Diary Entry on the report will show the contents of each Tracker included with the Entry.

You have a few options on this page which can help you fine tune the generation of this report. The main area of this screen (A) will display a grid of icons representing the various Trackers that were included with your Diary Entries. In the lower right of each icon, you’ll see a printer icon. If it’s got a green check mark (Default), then information for this Tracker will be included in the generated report. If you don’t want the information to be included in the report, just tap the printer icon to turn it red.

To generate the report, simply select the View Report button (B) and tap either PDF or HTML depending on the format you wish to produce. The report will be generated and then displayed on the screen for you to review. Once generated, you have the ability to Print, E-mail or sync it to Dropbox or other apps on your device.

Diary History Report (iPad)


You will also notice a button labeled “Change Reporting Period” (C) in the upper right of the screen. Tapping this button will bring up a popup window where you can step the report timeframe forward or backward as desired. Once you select a new date range, select the Trackers you wish to include in the report and tap the View Report button to generate another PDF or HTML report.

Diary History Report (iPad)