The Diary History is the main window into your pain tracking diary. Here you will see all of the Diary Entries that have been created, along with icons representing the types and content of the various Trackers that have been used to document your pain history.

Diary History Screen

Adding Diary Entries

Save Button

Use the Add button to create a new Diary Entry. Tapping this button will create the entry and opens the Diary Entry editing form.


Sample Diary Entry Cell

Each row in this table represents a Diary Entry. When you first view this form, it will be empty, but as you create Diary Entries, the contents of your Diary History will give you insight into your pain history.

Each Diary Entry row will show the timestamp indicating the entry date, which is followed by one or more icons representing the Tracker items that were used to record your pain conditions. The icons are dynamic and show some of the details you put into the Tracker item. This gives you a great way to get a snapshot of your pain situation for each entry.

Removing Diary Entries

Should you need to delete a row from the table, you must first put the table into “Edit Mode” by tap-holding on any cell for about 2 seconds. You will then see the deletion controls by the table rows. Tap the control and press Delete for each row you wish to remove. To exit from “Edit Mode” do another tap-hold on any cell for about 2 seconds.

Changing & Filtering Diaries

Diary & Filter Buttons

If you are using multiple Diaries in the application, the Diary button allows you to step out of the History view and to select from a different Diary. In a single Diary environment, this button is used to exit the Diary History and provide access to the Diary details. For example, to enter information like Patient Name and default e-mail address. The Diary details is also the location where you can import data from a previous version of Chronic Pain Tracker.

The Filter button will open the Filter Options form where you can choose between options for limiting the amount of Diary History displayed in this table.

Tab bar navigation

Application Tab Bar

The lower Tab Bar provides navigation between the main areas of the application. The first tab “Diary”, will open the Diary Entry History view which you are currently seeing. The second tab, “Reports”, allows you to generate interactive and exportable reports from the contents of your diaries. The third tab, “Settings”, provides access to the various preferences and settings of the application. Finally, the fourth tab, “Help”, connects to the online Chronic Pain Tracker Connection website where you can find help and FAQ’s for the application and hear about the latest developments of the application.