The Diary Selection table is where you can manage either a single or multi-diary repository for your pain history. If you are using a single Diary system, then you will only have a single table cell shown here.

Diary Selection Table

Diary Cell

The cell contains the name and brief description of your Diary. Tapping on the cell will open that Diary and will take you to the Diary Entry History table. The “Active” indicator shown on the Diary cell let’s you know which Diary is currently active in the application. Any reports produced will utilize the Diary Entries from the Active Diary only.


Accessory Button

The Accessory Button will open the Diary Edit window where you can make changes to an existing Diary definition. The Diary Edit mode is also where you can import/export Diary Entries or delete the Diary from the application’s history.


Add Button

The Add button will allow you to create a new Diary within the application. You need to have at least one active Diary, so this is generally the first activity to take place when starting Chronic Pain Tracker for the first time.