Expanding CPT Lite

Diary Entry Capacity Expansion

So you’ve reached the initial 25 Diary Entry limit with CPT Lite. No problem because you have several options for how to go forward from here, including upgrading to CPT Pro which has no capacity limits. But for the focus of this help page, we’ll assume you want to stick with CPT Lite for now. Let’s see how you can continue from here.

  • Consumable Diary Entry Expansion Packs

    There are two methods we’ve provided for expanding CPT Lite Diary Capacity. The first option is to purchase expansion packs that give you 50 or 200 additional Diary Entry Capacity. Once purchased, you can create that many more Diary Entries within the app. Each time you save a new Diary Entry, your on hand quantity is reduced by one. Once you’re back to zero, you can continue to re-purchase the options to keep adding more capacity to your Diary.

    When you think about it, this approach is very analogous to a physical paper diary. When you buy an expansion pack, it is just like adding another 50 or 200 Diary Entry pages into your Diary binder. Once those have been filled out, you can add more pages as needed.

  • Unlimited Diary Entry Capacity Upgrade

    The second approach for expanding your diary is to purchase this option which removes the Diary Entry count limits altogether. Unlike the consumable approach above, this item only needs to be purchased once.

Multi-Diary Support

With this upgrade option you will be able to create more than one Diary within CPT Lite. This can be helpful if you have more than one medical condition or injury and you want to maintain those diaries separately. We have also had users who utilize this feature to maintain Diaries for multiple people within the same CPT app – say for two spouses with chronic conditions.