Feature Store

CPT Pro users won’t need to use this area of the app since all available features are enabled with the Pro version purchase. However, users of CPT Lite will appreciate the ability to add new features and diary expansion options through in-app purchases.

If you are using the CPT Lite version, you will see a table of items that are enabled for purchase. Each item includes a description of the feature or expansion capability that it offers. Select the item you wish to purchase. This does require you to provide your App Store login credentials if your device is not already logged in.

Feature Store

Diary Expansion

The first set of items allow you to expand the capacity of your Diary. The Lite version of Chronic Pain Tracker provides for a maximum of 20 Diary Entries. This gives you enough to try out all the product features and/or track a short term pain situation. If you want to continue adding to your Pain Diary, you can choose one of the following approaches:


Under this model, you can purchase expansion packs which give you 50 or 200 additional Diary Entry Capacity. Once you’ve used up those entries, just come back and buy another expansion pack to enable the creation of more Diary Entries.

You can see the status of your Diary Capacity by looking at the right side of the 50/200 Expansion Pack items. Before buying one of the packs, you will see “0 Currently On Hand”. After purchasing one of the expansion packs, the number will be incremented to show either “50” or “200” on hand. This number will reduce by one for each Diary Entry that is created and saved to the Diary.


The other option for Diary Expansion is to purchase the one time Unlimited Entries item which removes Diary Entry count restrictions. Once purchased, you can add as many Diary Entries as you want, without needing further expansion.

If you do purchase the Unlimited Expansion pack, the 50 and 200 Expansion Packs will no longer be available since they would be redundant.

Feature Addition Options

The Feature Addition section displays other add-on features that can be purchased. One example of this is the Multi-Diary Support feature. Purchasing this item will enable you to create more than one Diary within the app so that you can track separate chronic pain conditions or even track chronic pain for multiple people within the same app installation.