Migrating to CPT Pro

General Migration Steps

We’ve tried to keep the Lite to Pro migration process as simple as possible, but it is helpful to understand the process before you begin. Once completed, you’ll be able to start up CPT Pro and all of your Diary Entries from CPT Lite will have been brought over so that you don’t loose any of your valuable data. The following steps are needed:

  • Purchase and download CPT Pro to your device
  • Transfer the CPT Lite database to CPT Pro
  • Adjust your preferences in CPT Pro
  • Start enjoying CPT Pro!

Purchase and download CPT Pro to your device

Not much to say here. Once CPT Pro has been downloaded, go ahead and launch it to verify that everything installed correctly. What you should NOT do at this stage is begin creating new entries. In the next step you are going to replace the CPT Pro database with the one from CPT Lite, so any data added to CPT Pro before the migration will be lost.

Transfer the CPT Lite database to CPT Pro

There are actually two possible methods for making this transfer. Which one you choose is really up to you.

The first approach uses a feature in iTunes called App File Sharing which allows you to access the Documents directory of apps that support the feature – which CPT does. You simply download the CPT Lite database to the local Mac/PC and then upload it to the CPT Pro app Documents folder.

The other approach is to use our integrated Database Backup/Restore feature to create a backup of the CPT Lite database to your Dropbox account. After moving the backup file over to the CPT Pro app folder, you can then restore the database into CPT Pro.

Although both approaches are straightforward, we do suggest you visit our CPT Connection website (www.ChronicPainTracker.com) to review the steps in detail. You can find the migration instructions in our FAQ section of the website.

Adjust Preferences in CPT Pro

You will find that in addition to your Diary Entry data, many of your app customizations will also be migrated across with the database transfer. There are still some preferences that need to be manually set, so it is worthwhile to review the Diary Tracker settings, Diary Reminders, and Application Preferences under the Settings tab to make sure everything is the way you want.

That’s it. You’re now ready to use CPT Pro!