Pain Location Mapping

The Pain Location Mapping capabilities of the application can be of huge benefit when working with your doctors. Although the concept of the Pain Painter interface is straightforward, there are some nuances described here which will help you take advantage of all it’s features.

Pain Painter

When you first open the Pain Painter, you’ll notice that the workspace is divided into two main areas: the controls area and the body image area. All of the “painting” will take place in the body image area. During this process you can modify the image area to help you better map your pain.

Body Selection Button

The body selection button is the first one you’ll want to explore. It allows you to select between 4 different body image models. The “Original” model is a basic model from our original application version that can be used for both male and female users. You also have a more detailed Male and Female anatomical model to choose from. Finally, for migraine sufferers, you can use the fourth model which consists of the neck and head areas only. You can set the body selection in the Pain Painter, but you can also define your default choice in the Pain Location Tracker preferences under the Settings tab. That way the correct model will be ready each time you start a new diary entry.

Overlay Selection Button

The overlay selection gives you a choice between a skin, muscle, skeletal, or dermatome mapping overlay for the body image you’re working with. These overlays can help you better pin point the location and potential sources of your pain. (Note: the Original model does not include a muscle overlay)

Front ButtonBack Button

The Front and Back buttons allow you to switch between the front and back body views.


Crayon Button

When painting your pain locations, you can choose from four different colors to specify varying levels of pain. Red and Purple are used for the most severe pain areas, with orange for more moderate pain, and yellow for mild pain areas. When painting, your use the slider control on the bottom of the screen to define the size of the virtual paint brush used to apply the color indicators. If you have a preferred brush size, you can also set that in the application defaults under the Settings tab, Diary Preferences, Pain Location Map.

Undo Button

Make a mistake? No problem. Just tap the Undo button to remove the last stroke of paint. Tapping repeatedly will remove each successive layer of paint.

Clear Button

Make a big mistake? Still no problem. Just tap the Clear button to remove all the paint from the current side of the body you’re working on.

Zooming & Panning

When you need to be very precise with your drawing, you can use Zooming and Panning gestures to adjust the body template. To Zoom, use the standard iOS pinch/reverse-pinch to zoom out/in on the image. To Pan the image, use two fingers to drag the image into the desired position. As soon as you have it where you want it, just switch back to using a single finger to continue painting your pain locations and intensities.