Report Category Selection

The Report Output Cache presents a file system like view of a local folder on your device within the application’s Documents directory. Inside this folder, we store the PDF & HTML versions of reports that you generate. It also contains any data exported using the CSV Export (available in the “Summary & Analysis” report).

Report Category Selection

Each file/folder in the cache will be shown as an icon and file/folder name. You can also see the creation date. You can tap on any file to preview the file. This is the same preview window as you had when viewing the original reports, so if you’d like you can Print, E-mail, or Synchronize the report file without having to regenerate it.

The main types of files you are going to see in the cache are:

    • PDF – The PDF files are reports exported from the two report formats available in the system. You can identify the report type by the initial part of the name:
      • DiaryEntry = Diary History Report
      • Summary – Summary & Analysis Report

      The next portion of the name identifies the Report Timeframe. For example, “Last14Day0x” would be the most recent 14 day period. You need to actually open and view the report to see the exact timeframe.


    • HTML – The HTML files follow the same naming convention as the PDF files.
    • ZIP – When you select the CSV Export option in the Summary & Analysis report, it generates separate CSV files for each graph in the report. This can be quite a few files, so we package it up into a single zip file for you. You can’t preview the zip contents, but you can open it in the view in order to e-mail or synchronize the file to your Dropbox account.


    • CSV – These are the CSV export files from the Summary & Analysis reports. They contain the data used to build those graphs.


  • FOLDER – Folders cannot be previewed, you can only open or close them as needed to access their contents.

As a secondary option, you can actually access this folder via Apple iTunes App File Sharing, so if there are large number of reports you’d like to pull off your device, it may be more efficient to go through iTunes.