Report Output Display

Reports can be exported from the application using a variety of methods. First, the reports are automatically converted into a single file PDF or HTML format. This format is widely accepted and easily transported. Below, you can see a sample PDF output of a Summary Report.

HTML Display

The report itself is stored in the application’s Document folder, so it is possible to use Apple’s iTunes File Sharing to access this file manually, but there are several more automated methods build right into the application, including:

Open In Button

The Open button leverages the iOS “Open In” capability that allows iOS apps to share files between each other. If you have other applications on your device that can accept PDF or HTML formatted documents, they will show up when you tap the Open button. Simply select the one you wish to use from the list and the report file will be transferred automatically. An example of such an app is the popular “Good Reader” application.

Print Button

If you have a printer supporting Apple’s AirPrint technology, then you can print directly from the application to your printer.

Email Button

This button will trigger a process that will generate a new e-mail with the report file as an attachment. If specified in the Diary details, the e-mail’s default Send-To address will be added automatically. You can edit the e-mail further if you like before sending directly from the device.

Dropbox Button

If you are registered user of the Dropbox file synchronization service, then you can tap the Dropbox button and your report file will be placed in your device’s local Dropbox folder. From there, the Dropbox service will synchronize the report to all of your other participating devices and desktop computers. You can even grant your doctor access to the report file via Dropbox’s sharing system.