Report Timeframe Selection

There are a variety of predefined report timeframes to choose from. For each row in the table, you will see the timeframe defined by the report, including the start and end dates. You will also see the number of Diary Entries that fall into that timeframe. Simply select the report you wish to view by tapping on the appropriate row.

Report Category Selection

If you don’t see the exact timeframe you’re looking for, simply scroll down to the Custom Report row. There you can define the specific dates you want to view.

For comparing historical timeframes – for example, the previous 30 day period to the 30 day period before that – you simply select the timeframe you wish to view (in this case the Last 30 Days). This will open the report using a timeframe for the initial 30 day step. Within the report you can then step backwards to the previous 30 day period before that and so on. This gives you an easy way to generate comparative reports for your doctor.