Summary Report Setup

The Summary Report is one of the most powerful features in Chronic Pain Tracker. This tool will aggregate all of your Pain Dairy data and will analyze and present that information in graphical format for you and your doctor to review. Each Tracker object has its own suite of graphs and diagrams used to present your data. Use these tools interactively within the application OR generate PDF or HTML reports that can be printed, emailed, etc. If you’re going to bring anything to your next doctor’s appointment, it should be a CPT Summary Report of your recent pain history. Let’s take a closer look.

Diary History Report (iPad)

Once the report opens, it will begin processing your Diary data for the date range selected. Depending on the number of entries, this can take a bit of time, so be patient. As the processing continues, you’ll see the screen fill with small graphical icons organized into groups based on the Tracker data they represent. As you can see in area (A) above, the Pain Intensity Tracker displays 6 different graphs for this report. You can also see the Pain Triggers graphs above this. Once the processing has completed, you can scroll the screen up or down to reveal all of the data generated for the report.

To expand any of the graphs, just tap on them and a full screen version will be displayed (see image below). The expanded graph view provides an explanation of the graph in the box just below the graph. You can also navigate forward/backward through the graph collection by using the green arrows.

Diary History Report (iPad)

At this point, you can simply tap the View Report button (B) and then select either PDF or HTML depending on the format you wish to produce. The report will be generated and then displayed on the screen for you to review. Once generated, you have the ability to Print, E-mail or sync it to Dropbox or other apps on your device. The Summary Report also offers an option to export CSV formatted data files for those of you that may want to do some further analysis in Excel or other similar software.

If there are Tracker sections that you would rather not include in the PDF report, you can tap the Printer icon along the Tracker section header bar (C) to toggle between settings. Then tap View Report to regenerate the PDF document.

You will also notice a button labeled “Change Reporting Period” (C) in the upper right of the screen. Tapping this button will bring up a popup window where you can step the report timeframe forward or backward as desired. Once you select a new date range, select the Trackers you wish to include in the report and tap the View Report button to generate another PDF or HTML report.

Diary History Report (iPad)