Tracker Collections

Tracker Collection Templates make it easy to create consistent Diary Entries.

If you find that you use the same combination of Tracker items with every entry, or every other entry, etc. then these templates can be a big help. Once defined, you’ll see your templates listed in this table.

Each row is a separate template showing the template name, when it was last used, and which Tracker Items it includes. Simply select the desired template and tap Apply to add those Tracker items to your Diary Entry.

Tracker Collection Templates

Should you need to delete a row from the table, you must first put the table into “Edit Mode” by tap-holding on any cell for about 2 seconds. You will then see the deletion controls by the table rows. Tap the control and press Delete for each row you wish to remove. To exit from “Edit Mode” do another tap-hold on any cell for about 2 seconds.