Tracker Selection List Editing

Several Trackers offer customizable lists of items that are selected during the Diary Entry process. For example, the Pain Description Tracker allows you to add your own descriptions to select from.

You can edit these lists within the Tracker List Editor, shown below. This editor is accessible from the application Settings tab or from within the Tracker Item itself (just scroll to the bottom of the list for the option to edit).

Tracker List Editor

Other Trackers, like the Medication Tracker, use customizable lists to include more than just descriptive words. The Medication Tracker allows the user to add new medication items which include a description, dosage quantity and dosage units.

Tracker List Item Editor

Insert Item Button

Tapping this button will insert a new item into the list. For basic descriptive lists, like the one used in the Pain Description Tracker, you’ll just be asked for the description. If it is a more complex item like that used in the Medication Tracker, then you will need to complete more than one field worth of data.

If you want to remove an item from the list, simply use the red delete table control to select the cell to remove and tap delete.

Insert Item Button

This button will reset the list to its factory settings. Any customizations that you have made to the list will be removed. This process is not reversible, so make sure you don’t mind losing your previous customizations..