CPT Video Tutorials

These videos are designed to provide an overview of the new format and functionality found in Chronic Pain Tracker 3.0. They can be viewed either on your Mac/PC or directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Introduction to Chronic Pain Tracker

This brief video will walk you through the main workflow of Chronic Pain Tracker and will also highlight many of the great features available within the product. Whether you’re considering Chronic Pain Tracker or are already a user, this video can provide a worthwhile overview of our product and what it can do for you.

Creating a New Diary Entry

Creating a Diary Entry in Chronic Pain Tracker is one of the main interactions you will have with the app. This video will walk you through the process of creating a new diary entry and will explore a number of the features we offer that can improve the speed and accuracy of your diary entries.

Multiple Diary Support

With Chronic Pain Tracker, you can create and manage multiple Pain Diaries within a single implementation of the app. This feature can enable you to independently track different health conditions (eg. chronic low back pain and recovery from a sprained ankle), OR you could use it to track pain for more than one person (eg. you and your spouse).

In either case, this feature can be a great addition to your workflow if you’re in one of these situations. This video will walk through setting up additional diaries and how the diary entry and reporting processes are effected by this feature.

Using Tracker Collections

If you find yourself creating Diary Entries that consistently use the same combinations of Trackers, then the feature known as Tracker Collections could make your Diary Entry creation process more efficient.

Diary Entry Reminders

Chronic Pain Tracker is only as valuable as the data you put into it, so you owe it to yourself to set and keep to a routine of creating Diary Entries. Diary Entry Reminders can help you stick to that goal by enabling daily alerts via your iPhone.

CPT Reports In-Depth

All CPT users are encouraged to view this series of 3 videos that take you on a very in-depth tour of the Reporting and Report Sharing functionality in Chronic Pain Tracker v3.0. Find a comfortable chair to relax and watch this great series.

Part 1

Reviews the Diary History report and Report Sharing Options

Part 2

Reviews the Summary Report’s interactive features

Part 3

Reviews the Summary Report’s exporting/sharing options and the Report Output Cache