Effective Treatment Tracker

The Pain Treatment Tracker is designed to collect information about those treatments used to reduce your pain levels. By capturing this information and looking at it in aggregate over a time period, you can begin to identify those treatments that are more successful than others at improving your pain levels.

The Tracker includes a default list of potential treatments, but you can customize it to include those that are unique to your situation.

Diary Entry Input

Using the Pain Treatment Tracker is quite simple. Just scroll through the list of possible treatments and select one or more that you used to reduce your most recent pain levels.

The window to the left of the list shows the selected items. If you want to include a treatment that is not already part of the list, just scroll to the bottom of the list and tap “Edit the List”. This will take you to the Tracker List editing screen where you can add the new item.

Summary Report Graph Samples

Treatment Frequency

Bar chart showing the frequency of selection for each treatment description. A red bar indicates a treatment that had the highest frequency score.

Treatment Cloud View

This graph is based on the same frequency of selection data but using that data to display the treatment descriptions in varying sizes of fonts. The larger the type, the more frequently cited that term.

Pain Level vs Treatment

In this graph, your treatment data is cross-referenced with pain intensity level data reported in the same diary entries in order to show the range of pain levels you experienced for each given treatment.

This approach can highlight which treatments are being used for higher or lower levels of pain which may lead to identifying more successful treatment strategies.