General Comment Tracker

The General Comment Tracker gives you the ability to add any type of additional information to your Diary Entry in a freeform text manner. These comments are saved with each Diary Entry and can be aggregated as part of the Summary Report. These additional comments can often be helpful for your doctor to better understand the circumstances or causes of the pain you are experiencing.

That said, some people may prefer to use the General Comments as a way to include more personal notes and thoughts about their situation and condition. In those cases, the comments can be marked as private and will not show up in the Summary Report. This post discusses the privacy feature in more detail. You also have the option of removing that entire section from the Summary Report should you choose to do so.

Diary Entry Input

Entering comments is a simple process. The Tracker initially appears in the Diary Entry as shown in the first image to the right. Once you tap anywhere in the yellow area, the Comment Editing window will expand and the keyboard will appear. You can then type as much as you like into the field.

If you find the type size top small during the editing process, you can use the decrease/increase font icons along the title bar to expand the type size. Copy and Paste from other applications will also work within the General Comment Tracker.

Summary Report Graph Samples

General Comment Aggregation

Within the Summary Report, all General Comments that are not marked Private will be aggregated into a chronological list and displayed in their own section in the report. If a Pain Level Tracker was also included in a Diary Entry with the General Comment, then that pain level will also be shown alongside the comment as a way to provide some correlation between the comments and pain level.