Milestone Tracker

The Milestone Tracker is designed to provide a method of citing important activities, treatment changes, or other personal milestones that effect your chronic pain condition. In the past, you could use the General Comments to note a medical procedure, or a change of doctors, etc. But those major events tended to get lost amongst the less critical comments. And, that’s why this Tracker was created.

Not only does the Milestone Tracker give you a way of noting important events, it also gives you a way of indicating those events on the Summary charts of other Trackers. So, if you have a spinal decompression on May 23rd, you can now see that indicated on your Pain Level vs Time graph. This makes it much clearer to see how events like this impact your pain levels, medication usage, etc.

You probably won’t (and shouldn’t) use this Tracker frequently, but it will prove very valuable in its ability to call attention to key points throughout your treatment process.

Diary Entry Input

When adding a Milestone to your Diary Entry, you’ll first select a Milestone Category from the picker list. These categories can be customized by tapping on the small info button in the upper right of the cell.

You can then indicate whether or not you want this Milestone to be displayed on time based graphs in the Summary Report. In some cases, you may want to record the milestone, but may not want to clutter the graphs with the information. The choice is up to you. In either case, the Milestone will still be listed in the Milestone Summary section of the Summary Report.

You can also use the space below the picker to enter a description or comment about the milestone. You could even copy/paste in test results or other data that you want to record with this entry.

Summary Report Graph Samples

Milestone Summary

Within the Summary Report, if any Milestone entries were included in the report time period, a section will be added that provides a chronological list of Milestones showing the Milestone date, category and any description that was entered with the Milestone.

This section will appear similar to the General Comment section, although with far fewer entries. This section can be cross-referenced to the milestone indicators shown on the time based graphs throughout the rest of the Summary Report.

Milestone Indicators on Time-based Reports

On all time-based graphs within the Summary Report, you will see Milestone indicators for each milestone in the time period. The indicator is a vertical bar color coded to match the Milestone category, with the category name labeled at the bottom.

For example, in the graph shown here, you can see two Medication Change Milestones listed. Using the Milestone Section in the report, you could then cross-reference to get the details about each one of these Milestones.