Activity Level Tracker

The Pain Onset Tracker is designed to collect statistics on how quickly your pain levels increase following a trigger event. This could be something very quick like a pulled muscle related to an acute injury, or it may be something that comes on very slowly – perhaps as a result of weather changes.

The Diary Entry format for the Onset Tracker allows you to define 5 levels of Onset speed. You can keep these timeframes conceptual (eg. Very Slowly, Fast, Very Fast, etc.) or define more time based ranges for the 5 levels (eg. “Slowly: 3 to 6 hours”, “Fast: Under 30min”, “Very Fast: Instantaneous”, etc). The choice is yours.

Diary Entry Input

Data input for this Tracker is quite simple. The input view provides a 5 level scale of Pain Onset speeds. You simply select the desired onset speed from the list.

If you need to edit the description of a particular level, you can tap the small info button in the lower right corner of the cell. This will open the Tracker List Editing view where you can edit the level definition.

Note that this Tracker stores the indicated level (eg. 1 thru 5) rather than the description, so the descriptions simply effect the labels applied to the Tracker results.

Summary Report Graph Samples

Pain Onset vs Time

The orange markers will indicate the onset speed indicated. The graph will also include a moving average and overall average plot lines. Since it is a time based graph, it will also show Milestone Tracker markers if they are present for the report time period.

Pain Onset Frequency

Shows the frequency of selection for each of the 5 levels. A red bar will indicate the most frequently cited Onset Speed.

Pain Level vs Onset Level

The pain intensity range per Onset Speed level. This is based only on those Diary Entries where both the Onset Speed and Pain Level Trackers were included. A blue bar will show the range of pain levels for the given Onset Speed level, and a horizontal green bar indicates the average level for that Onset Speed.