Setting up Diary Reminders

Diary Reminders

The Diary Reminders feature in CPT is designed so that you can preset one or more points each day when you want to record your pain conditions. Establishing a regular schedule of diary entries can improve the quality of your statistical diary data, so it is recommended.

In order to use this feature, you need to go to the CPT Settings tab -> Diary Preferences -> Diary Reminders. The first time you open the Diary Reminders screen, the app will request your permission to send notifications through iOS. You need to grant this permission in order for Diary Reminders to become enabled.



If you open Diary Reminders and instead see a screen like the images below, it means you probably declined the request previously. If this is the case, jump down to our section on “Troubleshooting – Manually Enabling Notification Permissions” before continuing.


Adding Diary Reminders

Adding new Diary Reminders is easy. Just tap the green plus button in the upper right corner of the screen to display the time picker. Select the time you want the notification to alert you and save the reminder.

You can set as many reminders as you’d like.

DiaryRemindersSetup06    DiaryRemindersSetup07    DiaryRemindersSetup08    DiaryRemindersSetup09

Deleting Diary Reminders

To remove a Diary Reminder from the list, you have two options. If you want to remove just one of your reminders, just slide the reminder to the left and a Delete button will appear along the right edge of the cell. Tap the Delete button and the reminder will be removed from the list.

If you want to remove all your reminders, tap the “Remove All Reminders” button and they will all be cleared from the list.


Responding to Diary Reminders

When a Diary Reminder is triggered, you will receive an iOS notification indicating that it’s time to create a CPT Diary Entry. If you choose to respond to the notification event at that time, CPT will be launched and a new Diary Entry will be opened for you to begin entering data.

If you choose to cancel the notification, then the reminder simply goes away with no CPT diary entry being created.


Troubleshooting – Manually Enabling Notification Permissions

If your Diary Reminders setup page is indicating that “Notifications – Currently Disabled”, it’s because the notification permissions are disabled for CPT. It’s no problem, you’ll just need to open up the notification settings and manually enable them for CPT.

DiaryRemindersSetup02     DiaryRemindersSetup03     DiaryRemindersSetup04     DiaryRemindersSetup05

To do this, tap the purple button on the Diary Reminders screen that reads “Notification Permissions”. This will take you out of the CPT app and directly into the iOS Settings app, and to the notification permissions section for CPT.

Now, just turn on the switch next to “Allow Notifications”. You can then tap on the “Back to Pain Tracker” link in the upper left corner of the screen to jump back to the CPT app.

The Diary Reminders screen will now refresh and you will be able to create and manage your CPT reminders normally.